3:Sec, an Intercheck company, (www.in3sec.com) is a 3rd generation printing business and a leading business card provider solely focussed on business cards. Our expertise is in streamlining the business card ordering and delivery process at very competitive prices and excellent quality.

Behind 3:Sec lies a family heritage of three generations in the world of printing. A heritage combining true passion and an uncompromising professional approach. Along with the experience acquired through 50 years in the printing business, 3:Sec uses the most technologically advanced equipment available, in order to supply our clients with high quality, cost-effective business cards.

We believe your business card ordering experience should be an enjoyable one, hassle-free, and available when and where you need it. Our Online Order Management System makes ordering and tracking business card orders quick and easy. Any employee in your organization can make an order using any one of your company’s business card templates, have it approved internally so you retain control, printed and shipped out the very next day to the location of the employee.

3:Sec is an international company serving large businesses and multi-national corporations worldwide. Among our long list of customers youll find many of the worlds leading organizations including Ericsson, Intel, Siemens, Addidas, Carlsberg, Motorola, Fiat, Samsung, and Avis to name a few.




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