VP Holding Management System

VP Holding - the Island of Western opportunities in the Depression Sea of the Romanian reality.

Would you like to earn as much as abroad?
No need to leave! Come to VP Holding!
You work as abroad, you earn as abroad, and all these just two steps away from your home!

VP Holding Self Management System – competitive system – worldwide values.

„Time is the sole resource that you gain if spent and waste if don’t.” (Virgil Profeanu)

Acting under the motto „we build business” VP Holding assumes the role of developer and positions itself as a company that builds businesses. Within VP Holding platform, idea is the source and the driving force of all activities.
Structured on the concept ”one stop shop”, the product and service portfolio provided under the VP Holding umbrella is the complete solution for business ideas development. We go through the whole process - from idea to key turning opportunity into a finished product, functional and profitable.

Nowadays VP Holding means:

 3 branches in Bucharest (headquarters), Craiova, Chisinau
 over 200 employees
 36 departments
 25 commercial societies organized in 4 groups of companies
 128 services and products
 46 development areas, which includes 115 investments objectives, distributed in 297 different projects.

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Employee Count Range: 


Company type: 

Public Company

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