Jammber enriches the lives of people in the entertainment industry, all over the world, by giving them tools that empower and enhance the creative process.

The global music industry generates $60 billion dollars annually, yet up to 50% of all monies never reach the parties they are owed to, largely due to outdated inefficiencies, a highly paper-driven process, disconnected silos and poor communication. As an example, it can take a guitarist nearly 2 years to get paid for a single recording session worth a few hundred dollars.

Our clients can schedule all creative works and projects using Jammber’s web and mobile tools. Jammber automatically generates all required paperwork electronically including union forms, tax forms, etc. and allows e-Signing. Contributors can then be paid directly through the Jammber platform. With Jammber in place, a musician can now be paid in 2 weeks as opposed to 2 years.

Jammber drastically simplifies paperwork and payment processing for the $250 billion dollar entertainment industry by providing easy-to-use and engaging web and mobile interface

It is fundamental for Jammber to create a culture that fosters a community providing both our employees and clients with a Jammber-esque experience. At Jammber, we believe in the people we work with and engage in meaningful conversation around creating a company that cares about our culture. The people we surround ourselves with are humble, effective, adaptable, remarkable and transparent.

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