Studio 8 Hilversum


Peter Assinck: Independent music professional.
Composer and producer of wide oriented music.
Creator of voice-overs, podcasts, blogs and lyrics.
I’m in possession of a private digital audio studio.
Therefore i can quickly produce and deliver your
music or voice-over production through ftp or email.

Specifications of Studio 8 Hilversum

Steinberg Cubase Essential 5, 64 simultaneous tracks @ 24-bit/96 kHz.
Lexicon Omega, 8x4x2 interface, 24-bit A/D D/A @ 44.1 kHz & 48 kHz.
MS40, High-resolution digital nearfield monitor, 24-bit D/A @ 192 kHz.
XENYX 1222 FX, 16 input, 2/2 bus mixer. ART, THE TUBE MP Studio V3
preamplifier. dbx voice processing. C3 Studio condenser microphone.
UMX 49 Controller. AKG K171 Headphone. Fender Squier Strat guitar.
Yamaha BB G4 bassguitar. Lots of VST Plugins.

The specialties of Studio 8 Hilversum

Multitrack recording, editing, mixing and mastering.
Audio postproduction. Keys, bassguitar and guitar.
Voice-overs for broadcasts and podcasts. Jingle and
promo production, Experience with Dalet. Recording
audio books for (pdd-nos) children. Writing lyrics.
Languages: Dutch and English.

Musical experience in the past 10 years

Owner at Studio 8 Hilversum.
Bassplayer and producer at several bands. Voice-
over for many radio broadcasts. Presenter on a
few radio stations. Jingle producer.
Experience with Dalet. Recording audio books
for pdd-nos children. Audio postproduction.
Multitrack recording.
Education: HBO (1990-1994). Autodidact.

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Public Company

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