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In business since 1990 as a pioneer in aviation information technology, Summit Aviation was the first to electronically publish FAA publications. Since then, the Digital Aviation Reference Library (formerly the Computerized Aviation Reference Library) has grown dramatically in both content and capability to include over thousands of publications and tens of thousands of illustrations - equivalent to over 35,000 hard copy pages - including FARs, Advisory Circulars, Airworthiness Directives, and numerous FAA handbooks. The Library is updated bi-weekly to include the latest changes and updates to regulatory and advisory information.

Most importantly, the Library is contained within a single file, on a single DVD, that is fully-searchable across all documents simultaneously, or within a specific set of most relevant publications. Used extensively throughout the U.S. and internationally, our customers include corporate flight departments, numerous federal agencies, manufacturers, flight schools, private pilots, safety specialists, and national, regional and charter airlines.

Summit’s first product was the Computerized FAR/AIM. It contained fully searchable electronic versions of the text of 14 CFR parts 1, 61, 67, and 91 (still known informally as FARs, for Federal Aviation Regulations) and the Airman’s Information Manual (AIM). Media was 5 1/4 inch floppies or 3 1/2 inch diskettes.
We first demonstrated the product at the October 1990 AOPA Convention in Palm Springs, California. At the convention we received many requests for a product that comprised all the eighty-plus sections of Title 14 CFR, Chapter I, and not just the small subset included on the original Computerized FAR/AIM.

Summit Aviation continues today as a leader in electronic delivery of pertinent, updated, accessible regulatory information to the aviation community.

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