Department of Medicinal Chemistry of Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of NASU

We are a team of experts in organic chemistry, molecular biology and molecular modeling. We have longstanding experience and powerful facilities in organic synthesis as well as in rational design of small molecule inhibitors of biological macromolecules using computer modeling, in vitro tests and chemical optimization. Historically, our studies are focused mainly on protein kinases and their inhibitors; however, there are also other drug targets from different protein families among our objects. Our research portfolio includes more than 100 publications, 7 patents, more than 30 successfully finished contract research projects and grant applications.
Our in-house stock collection contains about 200,000 small organic compounds which are represented by derivatives of various types of heterocyclic systems and their fused analogs. Among them, there are more than 100,000 drug-like compounds immediately available for screening. At our disposal are fully equipped chemical laboratories for organic synthesis with routine access to NMR and LC-MS facilities; well-arranged supply of reagents and access to all necessary information databases; computer cluster for calculation of various molecular modeling tasks.

We are looking forward to a fruitful and effective collaboration!

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