Xinhua Winshare Publishing And Media CO., Ltd.

Sichuan Xinhua Winshare Chainstore Co., Ltd. is the first large-scale publishing and distribution enterprise with a share system in the PRC, established with respect to the standard regulations of public listed companies.
The core business of the Company includes 1) operation of retail outlets for books and audio-visual products 2) distribution of textbooks and supplementary materials; and 3) provision of ancillary support and services to publishers of books. To capture nascent market opportunities as an intermediary service platform between publishers on the one hand and book retailers and wholesalers on another, we have set up a Zhongpan operation as a core addition to our third line of business.

The Company owns the largest books retail network in Sichuan Province with 193 retail outlets, of which 191 are situated within Sichuan Province, and two in Xi'an and Chongqing respectively.

The Company is responsible in the distribution of government-subsidised and non-government-subsidised textbooks for primary and lower secondary schools in Sichuan Province, and non-government-subsidised textbooks for upper secondary school. Meanwhile the Company distributes supplementary materials mainly to school students, and, to certain universities, libraries and other institutions in Sichuan Province.




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Public Company

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