7Cs Group

The 7Cs group was founded in 2003 (under the name of Rosy Blue and renamed 7Cs in 2014 ) by Dr. Harshad Mehta as a company that focused on the jewellery industry. The 7Cs Group has now grown into a well-diversified conglomerate, with a strong presence in the field of wholesale and retail jewellery, sustainable construction, real estate investment, hospitality and advertising. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, 7Cs Group employs more than 1,800 personnel belonging to 23 nationalities.

The philosophy of the 7Cs Group is the empowering message - Grow on us. Herein, 'grow'​ represent the future and 'on'​ represent the stability of a strong platform established on firm morals. The 7Cs Group is committed to the idea of enabling growth – both for business as well as the society. The 7Cs Group stands for 7 core values i.e. Credibility, Creativity, Customer Service, Collaboration, Consistency, Commitment, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We aim to facilitate growth for all stakeholders and continue building mutually beneficial, lasting partnerships. Our ambitious and visionary leadership ensures that we keep exploring new frontiers and achieving new victories, thereby facilitating growth for the entire 7Cs family and its partners.

We are dedicated to offering a reliable platform that nurtures innovation, rewards excellence and creates value for stakeholders, as well as the community.

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Operating Subsidiary


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Privately Held

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