Data Corporation Company (DCC Global)

DCC Global products and services fall five main categories: Database Management (Individuals & Corporates), Homeland Security, Human Resources Services, finance solutions (credit and risk management), operations solutions (supply chain management) and sales and marketing solutions (Lead generation, social media and third-party information).

Business customers include retailers, insurance firms, healthcare providers, utilities, government agencies, as well as banks, credit unions, personal and specialty finance companies and other financial institutions. DCC sells businesses credit reports, analytics, demographic data, and software.

Employees of a company or organization using The UIN services receive an account that is set up for them on the website. Current, and presumably, former employees can log on to The UIN at any time. Employees control access to their records by providing a requestor (employer, landlord, or social service agency, for instance) with their social security number and employer's name.

DCC also helps in maintaining real time data of individuals and corporates along with identity verification, Receivables management, medical records or payments, residential or tenant history, educational verification, credit checks, motor vehicle records, criminal background information, recruiting services, human resource management and fraud & identity theft prevention.

We continually strengthen our partnerships with communities, first responders, law enforcement and government agencies - at the state, local, tribal, federal and international levels. We are accelerating the deployment of science, technology, and innovation in order to make world more secure. And. we are becoming leaner, smarter, and more efficient, ensuring that every security resource is used as effectively as possible.

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