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Protégé Partners, LLC ("Protégé") is a specialized asset management firm that was founded in 2002 to focus exclusively on investing in established smaller hedge funds and select emerging managers. Differentiated from the broader universe of hedge fund investors that principally focuses on large, widely held funds, Protégé is recognized as an industry expert in what it believes is the highly attractive, less efficient, and under allocated universe of smaller hedge funds. By deploying its expertise through a unique model of investing, one that blends seeding and arms-length investments, along with thematic and tactical opportunities, Protégé works with some of the most sophisticated institutional investors in the world to compliment and complete a robust hedge fund program.

In addition to Protégé’s commingled investment strategies, we are able to construct customized portfolios that focus on our core capabilities in order to address a broad range of challenges faced by our investors. Customization can range from very concentrated portfolios to strategic portfolios that have a specific strategy and regional focus.

Protégé is 100% employee owned, maintains a substantial co-investment alongside clients and is a culture that thrives on innovation and idea generation, transparency and risk management, technology and alignment of interest with investors.

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