Advanced Composite Materials, LLC

Advanced Composite Materials (ACM) is a specialty materials company specializing in high aspect ratio silicon carbide technology. Our materials are used to reinforce and toughen ceramics, metals, and polymers. ACM's product lines include:

SI-TUFF™ Performance Silicon Carbide: fiber and microfiber additives for protective coatings to increase scratch and abrasion resistance, and extend service life. SI-TUFF™ forms a strong, interlocking network which distributes forces into multiple, smaller force components throughout the coating, resulting in reduced damage. Effective at low loading levels so it does not impact other critical coating properties like flexibility, non-stick, or friction.

SI-TUFF™ 7-Series Silicon Carbide Fiber: the world's first cost-effective high temperature ceramic fiber designed for CMCs and MMCs. Priced an order of magnitude below other SiC fibers in the marketplace, SI-TUFF™ 7-Series enables the development and commercialization of a new class of high performance, low-cost CMCs and MMCs.

Silar® Silicon Carbide Whiskers: ultra high purity single-crystal "whiskers" of β-SiC. Used in high performance ceramic cutting tools, wear parts, and industrial tooling and equipment with extreme toughness and abrasion resistance. Composites reinforced with Silar® exhibit excellent thermal dissipation and thermal shock resistance.

CERAMTUFF™ Press-Ready Blends: engineered blends of high-purity, fine grain aluminum oxide and Silar® SiC whiskers. Parts made from CERAMTUFF™ are characterized by exceptional hardness, compressive strength, fracture toughness, wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, and dimensional stability. They endure the most extreme environments where failure is simply not an option.

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