Openreach are the proud guardians of the local access network; an infrastructure that delivers the data, broadband and voice services to each home and business throughout the UK, sometimes referred to as the ‘first mile’.

We were created to give all UK Communications Providers equal access to the wires and fibres that connect us all and to maintain and improve this infrastructure. What we do underpins the entire UK communication industry.

We supply UK Communications Providers with products and services that are linked to the national network. We also work on their behalf to ensure that the tens of millions of people across the UK have reliable local access. This makes untold millions of calls, online use and sharing of information possible.

If the unthinkable happened and our infrastructure wasn’t available, the nation would grind to a shuddering halt and that’s why we take our guardianship so seriously.

Openreach has around 33,000 people who install, support and maintain the wiring, fibres and connections which link tens of millions of homes and businesses in Britain to their Communications Providers' networks.

If you have a problem with your phone or broadband service, or an issue about the work that has been done at your premises by an engineer, please raise this with your provider (the company that bills you for the service). They will liaise with us as necessary.

Visit to find out more about how we work and what we do.

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