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The Microsoft office was established in Belgrade in 2002 when the Serbian Government signed the agreement on strategic cooperation in the field of information technology with Bill Gates. This agreement on strategic partnership represented a foundation for the long-term cooperation aimed at boosting scientific and technological development in Serbia, on all levels.
Since opening, the Microsoft office in Serbia has achieved remarkable results in developing the local IT market. Knowing that decreasing the software piracy rate is one of the prerequisites for entering the European Union, the local Microsoft office has devoted its business operations to the legalization of software in Serbia and to the fight against piracy.
The Belgrade office is also responsible for the localization of Microsoft’s most popular products. At the end of 2012, Microsoft Windows 8 arrived in Serbia, also at the same time as around the world.
The Belgrade office has contributed to a better understanding of modern technologies, increasing user productivity and preserving the culture and language in Serbia.
In September 2005, Microsoft opened a Development center in Belgrade. Today, the development team consists of more than 150 top IT experts from Serbia, all of whom have been educated in Serbia. The average age of the team is 26 years old. Thanks to Microsoft, they have stayed in Serbia.
All Microsoft projects developed in Serbia have been acknowledged both by the Microsoft Corporation globally and millions of users worldwide, promoting Serbia and placing it on the world map as an important technological spot.

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