IDG (International Data Group)

IDG (International Data Group) connects the world of tech buyers with insights, intent and engagement.

We believe technology exists to make the world a better place. It shortens distances, increases knowledge and drives change. But technology alone serves no one. It lacks purpose. It lacks heart. It is computing power without brain power, a half-measure that falls short of its potential.

At IDG, we bridge art and science, design and technology, capturing the energy that is released when these worlds are combined. It starts with our people and our rich history of technology media leadership.

Today, IDG is the world’s leading technology media, data and marketing services company. We are the new model of a modern media company, with a data-driven approach and marketing services that accelerate purchasing and deepen engagement. We use our data and experience to see what others can’t. We build meaningful relationships to put those insights to work for the all-powerful, the up-and-comers and the game changers.

IDG influences the most powerful tech buyers in the world—from business technologists to enthusiasts and everyone in between. Our brands are now household names in 97 countries.

At the heart of technology is IDG.

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