Lingua Encarta

Lingua Encarta, as the name suggests is a expression to have a Encarta a dictionary of Lingua’s languages as a genuine attempt to rationalise the world. It’s an effort to think global by breaking all the manmade boundaries across the countries and continents to create an amalgamation of rich reservoir of unabated knowledge through a professional known and managed team of experts.

As we all know that the best and the foremost important thing to start, is through self. Hence this attempt is a tribute to the humans by creating languages for mind body and soul all unified under a common umbrella of rich and powerful thoughts to change whatever we do, however we do and to improvise in a real conscious based approach, where goal is not only attained but the road travelled is also an enjoyable and enriching learning experience@

Some of our offerings:

• Foreign Language Training (German, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Korea and
much more..)
• Specialized programmes- Spoken Hindi for expats, Spoken English etc.
• Translation and Interpretation services
• IELTS & TOFEL exam’s preparation
• Behavioural Training- Personality Development, Executive Coaching and Soft Skills training

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Public Company

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