Energy Cloud Technology

Our mission is to, “Extend boundaries of our clients and customers by providing cutting edge technology and innovative services in embedded and wireless domain”.

Our vision is to, “Improve humans living and resource management using embedded and wireless technology”. Our value is to work with,

>Client-Customer satisfaction
>Innovation and Integrity
>On time delivery
>Result orientation

We at Energy Cloud Technology, provide electronics hardware-firmware-software development services.
We serve you for turnkey solutions, discrete solutions, solution integration, open source evaluation-customization-development, application development and porting in embedded engineering domain.

We can work with you right from outlining your need to feasibility check, design, development, prototyping and testing to make you feel satisfied and proud yourself for choosing us.

Our expertise:
>Languages: C, C++, Embedded C & C++, Matlab, XML, Javascript, Html
>Embedded OS: Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS
>Microcontrollers: ARM Cortex-M3 (TI Stellaris, LPC17XX), ARM7 (LPC21XX, LPC24XX), PIC, AVR, LPC series 8 bit, MSP430, 8051
>Cross-Compiler: ARM EABI Code Sourcery, WinAVR, AVR-GCC, MPLAB C, HI-TECH C, C18, C51, Small Device C Compiler(SDCC)
>Technology: Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, GSM/GPRS, RFID, GPS, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
>High level protocol: SIP, SDP, LDAP, TLS, SRTP, RTP, TCP/IP

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