I was a rain drop. Before that a cloud. Yes, in the setting sun above the pacific I turned red as the world darkened. The next day I burned in the sun above Colorado. In the afternoon the air cooled. The days were much cooler back then. Water from the plateaus had joined me.

Yes, I joined you. I fell from the sky. I love the shape of the raindrops in Colorado afternoon storms. So large! The tear drop shape moves so quickly through the air.

But it’s sad to fall from an eye. I fear many tears to come. So many fell after the Johnstown Flood. 2,209 people died.

I am those people. Part of them at least. It is enjoyable to be a person, to feel their dreams and love. I hope I can always give life to people. Animals too. And plants. But plants can’t hug.

Hey, but they can sunbathe all day.

But there is something about a human hug. And cuddling on a cold night.

With hot chocolate! I like being part of hot chocolate.

I like being snow. It is restful after moving around so much. Ice is relaxing too. But a snowflake is fun. Ah, to fall from the sky and swirl around in the wind and be crystal dancing with crystal. Sometimes if it’s a wet snow, I’ve joined with other flakes.

You danced with me once.

Yes, but that happens less and less now. -Ivan Steifel




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