Vehicle Tracking Pvt. Ltd.

Vehicle Tracking Pvt. Ltd. was founded with the sole aim of offering safety solutions to individual car owners and a much required relief to the Auto Industry, Leasing and Insurance sectors. Vehicle Tracking Pvt. Ltd. is widely recognized by its brand name V-IntelliTrac and is incorporated with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan dated 12th April 2004. Vehicle Tracking Pvt. Ltd. is the sister concern of a conglomerate M/s Naveena Export Pvt. Ltd. which consists of various business concerns.

Vehicle tracking system offers peace of mind not only to the general public but also a sense of security to high profile institutions such as the Banking and Insurance sectors.

At present, Vehicle Tracking Pvt. Ltd. is the only company offering state of the art tracking equipment/services based on GPS / GSM / GPRS technology which is considered to be the most up to date technique for tracking and surveillance of vehicle all over the world. It operates by using the data provided by Geo Positioning Satellites (GPS) that are geo-stationary around the globe and helps to determine the precise location of the vehicle. In an eventuality, our tracking unit will send a distress call to our servers at our control room, which will trigger the auto theft mechanism and stop the vehicle immediately.

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