Tomsk State University

Founded in 1878, TSU is one of the first Russian higher education institutions that chose the path of innovative activity. Since opening its first innovation center for Siberian higher education institutions in 1993 and participation in the establishment of the very first Technology Park, the university has continued its development in this direction. In 2010, TSU deservedly won “national research” status. Significant victories in Russian government competitions for the right to receive state funding for the development of innovation infrastructure, the implementation of three integrated projects to build high-technology production and to attract leading scientists to the university have only confirmed the high status of TSU as an innovation-active university. The best laboratories, equipped with the most modern equipment, world-renowned scientists who conduct research at the University and in cooperation with university teams, a belt of 30 small innovative enterprises, 16 of which were opened in accordance with Federal Law 217, are a clear indication of TSU’s involvement in the modern economic development of Russia.
Innovations in TSU develop on a high-tech base: education, research and innovation centers (48 research and educational centers, 12 centers for collective use, the Inter-University Center for Technical Innovation Zone Staff Training, etc.), the supercomputer SKIF Cyberia (62 TFlops), a powerful transceiver and transmitting satellite communication station (Teleport), etc.

TSU’s opportunities in scientific and educational spheres attract partners from all over the globe. The University is firmly integrated into the global educational environment through the implementation of joint training and research programs with leading universities and research centers in the world, because of the implementation of projects in the most prestigious grants from the largest funds and participation in TEMPUS TACIS international programs (17 projects), etc.

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