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Te Papa's photography collection contains over 800,000 rare and beautiful images, including Maori and Pacific taonga (treasures), and vintage shots of New Zealand's dramatic history and culture. You'll find fascinating photos of New Zealand's rich flora and fauna, and some hauntingly powerful images of our people and their land. Beautiful artefacts, objects, and pieces of art, both historical and contemporary, can also be found in Te Papa's photo collection.

You can order a copy of images from our collection by browsing www.mediasalesandlicensing@tepapa.co.nz and then selecting "Buy of license this image".

Te Papa also holds the collection of pre-eminent twentienth-century New Zealand photographer, Brian Brake.

Te Papa holds several hundred hours of deep sea footage available to licence. Taken at seven locations around New Zealand from depths of 50 metres to 2000 metres. Includes unique and interesting behaviours of many species. Includes footage of large Ghost Sharks, Hagfish slime defence mechanism, Squid fighting and inking as well as multitude of other marine life.

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