Boulder Strategic Analytics

Boulder Strategic Analytics is a boutique strategy consulting firm that specializes in helping clients capture value in building capability to leverage 'Big Data' (see To this end we have served 45+ private & public clients on strategy, marketing/consumer insights research, and quantitative business analytics.

BSA's technical capabilities include:

• Advanced Linear Modeling Methods
– Latent variable/structural equation models
– Multilevel/hierarchical/growth models
– Latent class and growth mixture models
– Time series; survival models
• Supervised Learning
– Quantile/lasso/logistic/local/spline models
– Regression trees/boosting/bagging
– Support vector machines; neural nets; additive models
– Targeted statistical learning
• Unsupervised Learning
– Clustering; factor analysis
– Ensemble learning; random forests
• Survey Methods
– Sample design, stratification, and power analysis
– Weighting (post-stratification; nonresponse; sample weighting); variance estimation
• Iterative and Simulation-based Methods
– Monte Carlo methods
– Bootstrap methods
– Bayesian simulation (e.g., MCMC)
• Experimental Design & Causal Modeling
– Propensity score methods
– Exact and coarsened matching
• Psychometric Methods
– Foundations of Item Response Theory, Classical Test Theory, & Generalizability Theory
– Rasch/2PL/3PL models; multifacet IRT models; multidimensional IRT methods; scaling and equating
– Bayes nets

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