ProSensus Inc.

ProSensus provides exceptional data-driven engineering solutions that empower our clients to optimize their processes and products, resulting in improved quality, maximized efficiency and next-generation products. Through consulting our expertise shines through.

Our solutions suite is based around advanced multivariate analysis methods that include experimental design, modeling, control and optimization tools. We can also efficiently extract information from a myriad of sensors including traditional process measurements, advanced analyzers and machine vision applications.

Our products and services include:
- ProSensus MultiVariate (ProMV): general multivariate analysis software.
- ProMV Online: online multivariate monitoring for continuous processes.
- ProBatch Online: online multivariate monitoring for batch processes.
- ProBatch Control: mid-batch correction systems for advanced control of final product quality.
- Rapid product formulation: helping our customers formulate next-generation products in a fraction of the time.
- Online multivariate imaging solutions: classification and product quality predictions.
- Statistical consulting and custom solutions: extracting actionable insights from large, messy data sets
- Multivariate analysis training: public and in-house courses in the theory and applications of multivariate analysis.

From off-the-shelf products and services to perfect-fit customization, both off-line and on-line, we are ready to deliver!

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