Qolsa Smartsyst

Qolsa Smartsyst exists to achieve maximum technology utilization to improve the welfare
of all levels of society. The basic SMART application signifies the Self-Monitoring,
Analyzing and Reporting Technology with the capabilities to: a) SELF-MONITORING;
Designing hardware that self-monitors its surroundings, identifying unwanted movements
and dynamically adjusting the system according to a desired objective; b) SELF-ANALYZING; the hardware design enables itself to analyze the surrounding activities and to conclude if it is safe or need attention to, or dangerous; and c) SELF-REPORTING; to send signals in form of alarm, sirene, wireless text-message or calls and other type of signals. The smart application is capable of self-learning according to the client's desired scope.

SMART application has been implemented in surveillance system, electronic equipment
controller, medical equipment, traffic management system, global positioning system (GPS), and data broadcasting system.


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