Cool-Space, Trinidad

COOLSPACE technology combines water and forced air to reduce temperatures by as much as 28º. Additionally, the unit is portable and durable. Forget about installation with COOLSPACE - all you need is a water source and a 115 volt outlet.

Unlike many commercial air cooling systems, COOLSPACE doesn't require hazardous freon. COOLSPACE is the natural choice for environmental friendly companies.

With COOLSPACE, you can efficiently turn a sultry workspace - or any production area - into a comfortable oasis.

In 1998 the idea of COOLSPACE began after recognizing the increasing problem of employees working in hot shops and productivity going down. The engineers at COOLSPACE designed a highly efficient portable evaporative cooler with the ability to give off great temperature drops in high humid climates while using very little electricity.

With global warming and the constant increase of global temperatures, COOLSPACE has grown into an international manufacturer for portable evaporative cooling and is proud to say, "we help keep our soldiers cool overseas". With our continued engineering improvements every year and with more features than any other cooler, COOLSPACE is vaporizing the competition.




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