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"Remarkable. If we had more description of just what lessons Jane did & other exposure to English, and her own view of what caused the improvement, this would be a major contribution to our knowledge about what works. Thanks for posting this." Professor Stephen Krashen, world famous ESL teaching and learning expert (2010)

Languages Out There Ltd publish probably the world's first social media English courses that work with Facebook and Skype to enable English learners to follow a tried and tested course that involves real speaking practice.

Recently, the company was able to become the first to post 'before and after' audio of students online, demonstrating the incredible effectiveness of the Englsh Out There course materials and process.

You can listen to a typical Chinese learner go from beginner to intermediate here:

Languages Out There sells its courses in both digital and print versions and welcomes contact from other educational and technology companies looking for quality proven ESL/EFL content that works on any platform or in any application.

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