Anisa International, Inc.

Driven by passionate innovation, purposeful artistry, unwavering excellence and trusted collaboration, Anisa International designs and creates unique beauty tools and solutions that transform the everyday use of premier cosmetics into a luxurious consumer experience.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Anisa International and its founder drives the unstoppable dedication to reveal unmet consumer needs by delivering products and solutions that influence trends and address the ever-changing demands of the beauty market.

With more than two decades of experience in the beauty industry, Anisa International understands that inspiration and lasting success spring from constructive partnerships built upon true commitment, shared insights and deep mutual respect.

Anisa International’s proven reliability and exceptional standards for precision and perfection – from development, to manufacturing, to the customer’s experience – result in consistent, high-quality products and service across price-points and volumes. To further foster collaboration, Anisa International opened its New York showroom and studio in 2014 where clients can design directly with the Anisa team.

For more than a decade, our Cosmetic Applicators manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China, has illustrated the power of responsible manufacturing by exceeding customers environmental and labor compliance requirements and improving the lives of workers and Tiajin residents through community and philanthropic efforts.

With a designer’s eye and appreciation for skilled craftsmanship, Anisa International is committed to thoughtful, intentional design that translates into the creation of products that are both beautiful and purposeful – elevating customer brands through fashion, form and function.

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