The Monarch School

Monarch School is a College Preparatory School dedicated to bringing the highest quality of education to our students and families. To truly reach ones potential and a higher level of academic achievement you need strong character, self confidence and a realistic view of your life. Our families and faculty will walk side by side the students during this journey assisting them in the right direction, always there when they fall and to acknowledge their successes and achievements.

Our curriculum provides many opportunities and learning styles to fit our student’s needs. We recognize that many of our students have struggles in traditional settings and have not received the personal attention or guidance to establish proper coping skills or study habits. We create an environment supported by exceptional faculty in small class sizes to assist our students to prepare for college. Students learn how to self motivate and ask for help. Faculties are always available to provide individual tutoring and guidance as needed. Our 12 month curriculum typically allows students to receive 1 ½ to 2 years of academic credits.

To assist the students on their journey to self confidence and reaching their true potential, we provide a vocational curriculum that requires students to be consistent and responsible. The students learn to work hard at exciting new opportunities and experiences. Students take part in Culinary Arts, Organic Gardening, Woodshop and Carpentry, Forestry and Farm management. Another aspect of this curriculum allows for students to earn job shadowing or volunteer work in local businesses and schools. This curriculum provides real life experience and skills that they can build upon and take with them as part of their new resume.




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