Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics

Founded in 1930, Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics (KNURE) is one of the oldest schools in Ukraine. It grows dynamically today and its research and educational capabilities in electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, information and computer technologies have no equals in Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Despite the difficulties of Ukraine’s economic transition, not only has the University preserved its knowledge base; but it has also contributed to the areas critical to the technical and scientific aspects of the national economy.
The idea of the national renaissance is the cornerstone to the University’s active philosophy. One of the most progressive and perspective state schools, KNURE takes pride in its role in building an independent Ukraine. It is a modern school, which welcomes youth not only from Ukraine, but from many other countries as well.
Today the University is a house for over 12 thousand students majoring in 34 specialties. The school is successful in growing its academia and has a postgraduate program of 240 studentships. Every year about 40 researchers in 28 specialties have their theses passed and attain their Doctorates.
The research base of the University is continuously developing. The school has a university-wide computer network and a functional center for distance learning. The other facilities include: an electronic library, a student television center, a laboratory of satellite television (the only one in Ukraine), laboratories of the electronic office technologies, information security, consumer electronics, microprocessor devices, bank technologies and others.

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