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Leadership. “I can’t specifically define it, but I know it when I see it.”

Some may recognize that comment from Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart. He may have been writing on pornography, but so it is with leadership; “We know it when we see it.” You know it when you see it, as do the people working with you and for you.

Here at Triangle Performance, we know it when we see it as well. Better yet, we can help you see it, identifying those characteristics, traits, and behaviors (competencies, for you OD-geeks) that make leaders successful in your organization—since one-size definitely does not fit all. Hence the reason some leaders succeed in one organization but fail miserably in another. Your organization’s culture is unique, its challenges are unique; it stands to reason its leadership needs are equally unique.

The drivers for employee performance are simple—don’t let anyone with a new, glossy hardback tell you different: People must have the knowledge to perform their job, the motivation to do so successfully, and the processes in place for them to put that knowledge and motivation to work for the organization. We help connect those drivers with your leaders. At all levels.

Knowledge. Motivation. Process. It’s what we do, and we do it well.

At Triangle Performance, it’s how We help leaders lead and organizations succeed.




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