H-11 Digital Forensics

H-11 Digital Forensics is a global leader of digital forensic technology. It is our mission to continuously advance this science in effort to provide the best digital forensic services, forensic training, and forensic products available. Our certified training program is focused on delivering the most current and most effective investigation practices utilizing only the best tools.

The purpose of our certified training program is to enable digital forensic examiners with the ability to find more evidence and conduct more thorough digital investigations utilizing multiple tools. By doing so more cases will come to a resolve and they will be more prepared to testify as an expert witness. Certifications include: Forensic Explorer Examiner, EnCase EnCE, Cellebrite CCLO & CCPA, and Magnet Forensics IEF essentials.

We are also providers of the best digital forensic software and digital forensic hardware available. Please visit our online store or inquire with our sales team to get an official quote for digital forensic products.

Lastly our professional Digital Forensics Services team delivers success in the fields of computer and mobile device examination, data recovery, incident response, intellectual property resolve, e-discovery, expert witness, and document management framework support. With offices in the United States, Mexico, China and Taiwan we are where our clients need us to be. Pleas contact us today.

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