Our Mission:

We live in a world of infinite problems. We provide rapid supportable solutions engineered to meet mission objectives and proceed to the next challenge.
We collaborate with our customers. Our innovative engineers hunt for the best mission solution without requiring ownership of the answer. Our commitment to the customer is unassailable.

We’re at war with proprietary solutions that narrow our customers’ options and stunt progress. Our solutions ensure the community can leverage, extend, and integrate next generation capabilities delivering sustained relevancy.
We believe in a work hard/play hard culture. Our empowered employees solve complex problems every day wearing blue jeans and polos, because the only thing that matters is getting the right answer for the mission.
We are making the world a better place. 

Our Core Values:

We continually develop and implement advanced solutions to support the warfighter.
We believe that teamwork and cooperation with all stakeholders is the key to mission success.
Integrity and honesty permeate every aspect of our business processes, relationships and operations.
We are dedicated to our customers, warfighters, and employees collective mission. 

TMA is comprised of industry experienced software, hardware, and system engineers as well as support professionals who are all well known in the SIGINT community. Combining highly competent and productive project teams whose development talents in digital signal processing, web-based development, databases, data warehousing and other current software applications with a thorough understanding of the underlying customer problems and environments has proven to be successful. Our project teams have consistently developed and delivered system solutions in a timely and efficient manner providing real and significant savings to our customers.

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Company type: 

Privately Held

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