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Magà was formed in 2005 by the composer and guitar player Yuval Avital,
as an endless network of musicians, artist, choreographers,
research institutions and new technologies centers from all around the globe in order to create, promote and search for new ways of creation through poly-cultural & interdisciplinary dialogue, creating bridges between tradition and contemporary, east and west, simple & complex.

In hebrew, Magà is the word for both touch and contact.


In its three years of existance Magà, led by Avital, had produced concerts,
projects, festivals and cultural events of exclusive original works in the Far-East,
Central Asia, the Middle-East, Europe and North America, uniting more
than 150 artists in 25 productions. Since 2008 Magà is an organization in residence
and collaboration with AGON, Milan’s center of research and production of new technologies
applied to music and multimedia.

Recent Magà Productions:

- Opening event of the REC Festival 2008, Reggio-Emilia, Italy;
- Opening event of the European theatre festival of Parma 2008, Italy;
- Opening event of the Jerusalem multi-media festival 2007 , Italy;
- Gala Event for the Notte Bianca of Rome 2007.
- Co-Production in the opening of 360° Festival 2007, Bielefeld, Germany.
- Special Production For Miami Art Bazel Fair 2007, USA.

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Non Profit

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