Universiti Selangor

Selangor is the premier state of Malaysia.With the highest concentration of industries, hosting the major ports of Malaysia and the hive of the nation's entrepreneurial activities, Selangor State Government is the first to establish its very own university.

Being a Learning University, UNISEL emanates dynamism fuelled more by students learning than lecturers' teaching. True to its names as Universiti Industri, its curriculum and extra-curriculum are industry-centred. Thus, the outputs and outcomes are meant to meet industry needs.

UNISEL is noted for industrial-oriented courses of unsurpassed quality that will prove beneficial and advantegous for students who are looking for that competitive edge int the job market. Challenging and rigorous courses, carefully guided and inspired by an exceptionally capable academic team make UNISEL significantly above average. Reputed as a 'learning university', UNISEL is the place to be to polish and harness your talent and skills.

UNISEL Shah Alam campus being in the state's capital city, houses the Faculty of Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Industrial Art and Design Technologies and UNISEL Graduate School of Management (UGSM). The Bestari Jaya campus is a sprawling 1,000 acres learning centre hosting the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Language Studies, Faculty of Applied Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Social Science and Industrial Studies, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Management and Faculty of Information Technology Industry. Speaking of edu-tourism, this main campus is incidentally close to the quiet hamlet of Kampung Kuantan, site of the internationally renowned firefly colonies.




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