As of 1st June 2016 SteriHealth has rebranded to Daniels Health. For the last nine years, SteriHealth has existed as the servicing arm of Daniels Health Australia, a company which for 30 years has pioneered innovative safety-driven solutions for the healthcare industry. Sitting at the nexus of science, creativity and entrepreneurship, Daniels products have led the world in a reusable revolution in the handling of sharps waste. Across our history, we have advocated for reusability in an industry where disposable sharps containers was the unquestioned norm and since its launch in 1999, our Sharpsmart system has unequivocally been proven the safest sharps containment system in the world.

Daniels Health works in collaboration with our clients to develop bespoke waste management solutions that optimise safety, segregation and efficiencies in their respective healthcare practices. Our expert consultants and targeted educational program provides a holistic approach to medical waste management that ensures long-term results and behavioural change rather than short-term gains. We understand that every practice has unique needs, but the one that is universally recognised is the protection of staff and patients. For Daniels Health, safety sits above the bottom line.

In Australia our products include the industry-leading Sharpsmart and Clinismart range; interchangeable solutions for the management of Sharps and Clinical waste streams, together with a range of disposable BIO-Can sharps containers, safety devices and surgical consumables. Our clients include hospitals, pathology, laboratories and small clinics alike with a service offering that is fluid and versatile for waste management in any healthcare setting.

Daniels Health operates throughout Australia, is AS/NZS/ISO9001:2000 accredited and manufacture all sharps containers to the Australian standards AS4031. Daniels Health is an active member of the Biohazard Waste Industry (BWI).

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