h4 Group, 3D& CGI & Animation company

We are H4 Group, a Computer Generated 3D Visualisation and Animation company, working with architects and property developers, TV Commercial creating CGI images and animations that help them more effectively present projects to win business.

H4 Groups Established in the UK in 1996 and it has now expanded into offices in London, Paris and Nanjing, China creating a large team of talented, professional individuals capable of handling all kind of 3D visualisation and animation projects.

H4 Group delivers state-of-the-art products and customer service to match. From the highest profile projects to smaller developments, H4's professional team applies the same combination of expertise, technology and understanding to make your dreams come true.
We can help in visual design presentations to your clients and developing design specs in 3D Visualisation & CGI & Animation. We will bring new platforms and technologies for the digital channel (e.g. Flash, Flex, Ajax, etc.) and related mediums and will play on Mac, PC, I-Phone, PDA’s , Blackberry and I Pad.
Your Benefits
• Guarantee competitive edge to win the pitch
• Enjoy smoother planning applications
• Reduce expense on design CADs
• Impress with photo realistic images for your marketing campaigns
• Have an experienced team of 3D designers, Chartered Surveyors, project managers and marketers.
Why choose the H4 Group
• H4 Group is the only computer generated image studio with offices in London, Paris and China, regulated by RICS UK.
• We understand the simplest of sketches reducing the amount of upfront drawing work.
• With three offices around the world we are perfectly positioned to respond swiftly to your requirements.
• With nearly 50 years of experience in property and marketing household brands, we know how to capture an audience.
• We can substantially reduce initial outlay to secure consents, lettings and sales


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Privately Held

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