The Entrepreneur's Source

The Entrepreneur's Source helps people reach the American Dream of business ownership

With over 25 years of experience and as part of Franchise Source Brands International, The Entrepreneur's Source led by Terry Powell captures over 33% of the billion dollar coaching/advisory market. The Entrepreneur's Source (E-Source) Coaches provide education, coaching and resources to individuals who the desire to achieve their dream of becoming self-sufficient through business ownership. This allows our clients to explore alternate career options that meet their goals, needs and expectations utilizing our unique Discovery Process.

E-Source Coaches also provide Franchise Business Coaching services for franchisees who are looking to increase the value of their business. Through our proprietary FAST™, Franchise Accelerated Success Training and one on one coaching, the program enables you to:

- Clearly define Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity Goals
- Focus more time on building the business and less on operating
- Gain access to Rapid Impact Strategies to increase profitability
- Aggressively grow your revenue, develop an amazing team, and leverage your business for your ideal lifestyle

For those that want to own their own business, we provide a time tested process and accountability. Together we identify the person’s Investment tolerances and their Income, Life Style, Wealth and Equity goals. Using those as criteria, we select business models to validate for fit and suitability.

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