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Olympic athletes use a coach; CEOs use the services of an executive coach. Can you imagine how much more successful you would be if you had your own life coach? Well you don't have to imagine anymore. After 14 years of coaching and working with thousands of clients from around the world, LifeCoach is pleased to offer an affordable, interactive life coaching program so that just about everyone can take advantage of the power of coaching.

Whether you seek financial security and freedom, rich and rewarding relationships, a career that you thoroughly enjoy, or to get rid of the excess clutter, this brand-new, Coach Yourself to Success Online is the answer to having the life you want. Expanded on the principles for success described in the international best-seller, Coach Yourself to Success by Talane Miedaner (McGraw-Hill), you'll find this practical, action-oriented life coaching program puts you on the path to success in every area of your life — both personally and professionally.

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