MyMind was founded in 2006, initially as a response to a non-existing mental health support for the general population in public services.

The demands of modern workplaces can often leave employees feeling overwhelmed and struggling to concentrate.

Recent research has shown that productivity is negatively affected when employee wellbeing is low.

In order to help companies foster a sense of mental fitness, MyMind has launched its new workplace initiative that uses workshops and seminars to promote staff resilience and emotional wellbeing.

According to the 2008 HSA Workplace Health and Wellbeing Strategy, "there is clear evidence that the promotion of health in the workplace is effective. In addition to the beneficial impact on the health of individual employees, organisations that have implemented health promotion programmes gain other related benefits, including increased productivity, improved morale, more motivated employees, improved company profile and enhanced ability to attract employees."‚Äč

Offering a choice of workshops on topics such as mindfulness, lifestyle changes and positive thinking, our wide range of psychologists and psychotherapists are able to provide participants with the skills and tools to deal with the difficulties in trying to maintain a work life balance.

These targeted workshops will help employees to develop a more positive and robust attitude to difficulties that may arise either inside or outside of work, leaving them emotionally strong and resilient.

About MyMind:

MyMind is a self-referral provider of psychological and psychotherapy services to people who are seeking mental health support.
Our early intervention focus offers an alternative solution to existing mental health services fulfilling community need in primary care services.

Our national number is: 076 680 1060

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