Collabtive is Project Management the way you like it: Collaborative - Open Source - Free.

In November 2007 we started this open source project aiming for simplicity, clean design, and visual beauty. The result is a popular web-based project management tool, published as free software.

Collabtive enables virtual teams to work in close collaboration. The tool represents projects by tasks, milestones, related files and messages. Time worked can be tracked on a task-by-task basis.
Furthermore the software is polyglot, supporting more about 40 languages.

Collabtive is intended for small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers.
It can be installed on an internal server as well as in the cloud.

While the standard version of Collabtive comes for free, we also offer commercial services as well as plugins, which add features like project templates and Gantt charts.

Collabtive is developed by a team of volunteers. Everyone involved is a pro in their respective domains, providing high quality contributions to the project.

Core development team:

Eva Kiszka | Project Coordinator
Philipp Kiszka | Lead Developer
Marcus Fröhner | Graphic Artist

We are always looking for contributors in the following areas:

Coding | Testing | Translation | Documentation | Support

Specialties : 




Employee Count Range: 


Company type: 

Public Company

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