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Vismo is a Patent Global Tracking Solution which tracks individuals around the world using an application installed on their smart phone or Iridium and Thuraya satellite phone. It turns a phone into a tracking device with panic-button capability, enabling your security team to track, protect and respond to employees as they travel to high risk areas around the world.

Vismo allows you to get regular GPS locations direct to a secure web platform, as well as view current locations and historical trails together with battery life and signal strength. Vismo has a panic feature which triggers E-mail and SMS alerts in real time to key contacts together with a covert audio recording.

The ability to pin-point a member of your team on the ground and correlate their position, relative to high risk areas, is key to maintaining the safety and security of individuals.

Additionally, if a member of staff finds themselves in a crisis situation, the ability to locate the exact position and give appropriate advice is vital and could save lives. Precise GPS location fixes and the availability of historical longitude and latitude information during crisis situations around the world has resulted in many organisations turning to Vismo as a method of ensuring their employees stay safe.

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