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Olympus and Gyrus ACMI, two of the world’s leading suppliers of medical visualization and energy systems, have joined forces to create a more versatile organization destined to push beyond the boundaries of minimally invasive surgery. The best-in-class tissue management systems of Gyrus ACMI perfectly complement the innovative array of world-class medical systems and leading-edge opto-digital technology offered by Olympus, generating exciting synergies that will propel the Olympus Group into a new era. Powered by the introduction of Gyrus ACMI, Olympus is closer than ever to our goal of a healthy, happy, more meaningful life for our global community. Power through integration — Olympus

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Gyrus ACMI

The Gyrus ACMI brand of ‘See’ and ‘Treat’ products features a comprehensive portfolio of instruments designed to improve visualization and provide fast, accurate tissue management that is less traumatic to the patient.

The benefits of using the Gyrus ACMI portfolio include:

* Improved visualization in laparoscopic/endoscopic surgery
* Reduced collateral damage to tissue using PK™ Technology instruments
* Faster recovery times and return to normal activities for the patient
* Improved Operating Room efficiency for both the hospital and surgical team

Gyrus ACMI Operations

Gyrus ACMI has three proprietary Divisions, each with a specific surgical focus:
Urology & Gynecology Division
Endoscopic and Diagnostic Solutions for Urologists and Gynecologists
Surgical Division
Less invasive laparoscopic and open solutions for surgeons
ENT Division
Complete ENT surgical solutions




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