With vast and diversified manufacturing and subcontracting resources, accumulated through years of hands on experience, both inside and outside of the golf industry, we have evolved to become one of the leading designers and manufacturers of a broad range of tools, gauges and instrumentation, used by club head designers, manufacturers and club makers worldwide.

Our state of the art, fully integrated manufacturing facility is run by an experienced team of engineers and technicians, providing in-depth expertise in mechanical engineering, electronic circuit design, application software development, manufacturing and production engineering.

We have been in business for over a decade, serving major golf club manufacturers, casting houses and golf component distributors. We've developed our business by understanding our customer's requirements for efficient cost effective solutions, based on innovation, sound engineering, speedy product development and a flexible manufacturing environment. This dedicated approach to golf has generated over 200 unique and innovative products, and several utility patents worldwide.

As a leading manufacturer and genuine innovator of golf related products, we actively seek to expand partnerships with golf club component distributors, retailers, golf club manufacturers and the casual golf inventor.




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