Clever White Label

We are an outsourced digital marketing service based in Cape town, suitable for small & medium marketing, advertising, branding, digital marketing, & web development agencies located in the UK.

This is what we offer:

- Highly skilled digital marketing pros available instantly.
- Native english speakers. Very easy to communicate with.
- Powerful project management & communication tools to deliver on time. Every time.
- Same time zone as the UK. We’re working when you’re working.
- Exceptional value due to a very weak South Africa Rand.

We provide expert help in these 5 areas of digital marketing:

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We plan and implement SEO strategies to boost your clients’ online presence and get them the results they're after. Our focus is leads and sales, not rankings. Let our SEO team get your client’s online brand to where it needs to be: above competitors and in front of customers.

2. Paid Search (PPC/AdWords/SEM)

Paid search is highly competitive and expensive to get wrong. We offer Google AdWords consulting or fully outsourced management of paid search campaigns - saving your clients’ budgets and freeing up your time.

3. Content Marketing (Inbound Marketing)

We’ll help you deliver content that is well researched, hits the mark with consumers, delights your clients and elevates their brand above competitors.

4. WordPress Services

The design and UX of your clients websites are critical to their lead generating ability. We can help you with Wordpress optimisation, landing page design, or assist you with technical or plugin updates and content uploading.

5. Social Media

Social media is an important pillar of digital marketing, but it’s also a giant time suck. Our team will prepare and implement best practice strategies to get your client’s social channels buzzing; improving brand awareness and, critically, generating new leads.

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