Brood Media

Brood Media: Approaching complexity with simplicity.

Brood Media is a digital marketing agency based in the UK. Established in 2014 the company specialises in providing ancillary marketing services, primarily to the agency sector. Working alongside agency teams, Brood Media provide assistance through periods of resource shortage, business development, account activation, day to day account operation, and strategic reviews.

Primary services include:
- Natural search optimisation (SEO).
- Paid search (PPC).
- Online reputation management (ORM).
- App store optimisation (ASO).
- PR/Outreach services.

Secondary services include:
- User/Customer Experience - Including mobile optimisation and strategy.
- Data and Analytics - Including supply of reporting dashboards and custom virtual machines.
- Ecommerce - Including conversion rate optimisation (CRO).
- Social Media - Including paid campaigns and community management.
- Strategy/Branding - Including visual branding, audio branding and business strategy.
- Translation Services.

Brood Media is an entirely web based company - and this is an important part of how it operates. Brood Media is an "always on" agency capable of producing high quality work to tight timelines. Offices are available in Lancaster, Manchester and London - for clients who like to chew the fat in person - but the Brood team is free to work from any internet connection they chose.

This level of freedom does come at a cost however, and the Brood team are expected to produce very high quality work against very demanding deadlines. The '9-to-5' and the '5-day-week' are alien concepts to Brood team members.

At Brood Media we believe remote working allows us to work creatively, with inspiration, with enthusiasm - and without the restrictions that offices place on us to work efficiently. While this may not be the best option for all agencies, for us this level of flexibility and creativity are a vital part of what we do.




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