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In 1976 Alister Voller, Mike Clark, and associates reported the successful and sensitive detection of plant viruses by ELISA. Two years earlier, Voller , Engvall, Bidwell and Huldt developed the microwell ELISA plate. This technology arrived just in time to test and select plants grown by tissue culture and to assist clean plant programs using one-way pass-through propagation methods. The rapid exploration and acceptance of ELISA created an immediate need for optimized, validated tests, for kits, for quality controlled antibodies, enzyme conjugates and accessories. Agdia, Inc. was formed to meet this need.

Agdia’s first tests were developed for common potato pathogens, i.e., the viruses, PVX, PVY, PLRV, PVS, PVM, PVA and the bacteria, ringrot [Cms] and blackleg [Eca]. Next, a Testing Service was developed to help those who needed testing results but did not want to perform the tests themselves. The products and services were an instant hit.

Agdia grew quickly as its products and services became known worldwide. In rapid succession many tests were developed for fruit, ornamental and field crops. And, significant advances were made in test formats and test type, including, the PathoScreen® test format, the potyvirus group test, membrane assays for viroids, nested PCR for phytoplasma, PCR virus group tests and ImmunoStrips®. All of this was possible only because a worldwide community of scientists and customers provided technology, biomaterials, plant samples and constant encouragement.

Agdia’s continuing focus on developing and performing tests for plant pathogens and dedication to confidential customer service and support have earned a special trust and place in the worldwide agricultural community. We value and treasure this trust. And, with each day, we dedicate ourselves anew to providing you with products and service that enable you to grow healthy crops with confidence.

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