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For the past 18 years AFS have been market leaders in Australia and New Zealand in the manufacture, sales and distribution of proprietary wall and framing systems. During this time AFS quickly earned a reputation with its customers for the supply of innovative, permanent formwork walling solutions through its LOGICWALL® system. In 2013 AFS decided to launch its LOGICWALL® product to the UK construction market and have set up a state of the art manufacturing facility in the South of England.

AFS LOGICWALL® is a permanent formwork system for the fast-track construction of load-bearing internal and external concrete walls. AFS LOGICWALL® is manufactured off-site in the UK and consists of lightweight sandwich panels created by bonding hard-wearing fibre cement sheets to galvanised steel stud frames. The panels are quickly and simply hand erected on site and then core-filled with self-compacting concrete to achieve load-bearing walls that provide excellent fire and sound ratings.

The fibre cement sheeting remains in place and a tape & joint finish is applied internally prior to decoration. Externally a range of finishes can be applied including insulated render systems, rain screen systems and cavity brickwork. AFS LOGICWALL® is a fully shop drawn made-to-measure system eliminating all site waste. The structural capability of the product when filled with concrete makes it an ideal solution for the construction of buildings such as multi-level residential apartments, hotels, motels, commercial offices, student accommodation, hospitals, prisons and schools.




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