OpenPandora is the entity producing and supporting the OpenPandora computing device.

The Pandora is a mixture between a PC and a gaming console. That's why it has gaming controls (Buttons, DPad and analogue nubs).

It is fast enough to emulate many other systems flawlessly, run a full desktop, access the internet and play games.

However, it is not as big as a netbook. Believe it or not, it will fit in your pocket.

The screen features a crispy clear 800*480 resolution LCD and the battery life is a sensational 10+ hours.

But the most interesting part is probably that it isn't designed by a large company, it was designed by the suggestions and requests of hundreds of people, put into reality by a small team.

And yes, the Pandora is running an OpenSource OS: it's basically Ångström-Linux with some Pandora-specific changes - the sourcecode is freely available from our own GIT.




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