Matthew Marnitz Universal, LLC

Matthew Marnitz is a Spiritual Leader, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT, Past Life Regression Hypnotist, Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, and Speaker. He uses past life regression hypnosis to awaken people to their true potential where everything becomes possible in every area of their life; relationships, spirituality, health, and financial abundance.

Matthew has a unique combination of knowledge in spirituality and business. He has spiritual experience and training in meditation, hypnosis, quantum physics, physical and mental health, and the mind/body connection. An experienced CEO, his business background is in mentoring, speaking, project management, business administration and new business development.

Matthew incorporates an enlightening and unique method of regression hypnosis into his life coaching that enables him to speak directly with the higher self. He then works with the higher self to correct challenges in the areas of health, long-held root beliefs, emotional pain, and life purpose. His unique program has helped heal debilitating health issues, diseases, ailments, and addictions.

Matthew works with people from all cultures, religions, sexual preference, and intuitive levels creating a space of trust without judgement with love and compassion for all people around the world.

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