River Basin Plan

River Basin Plan is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the welfare of rural communities through an integrated approach to participatory sustainable development by:

• advancing rural communities' understanding of environmental issues through educational programs
• improving the agricultural and environmental conditions with a focus on water management and groundwater preservation
• strengthening existing means of income and generating alternative ones

Our partner in Indonesia is Hulu Hijau.

Hulu Hijau is an Indonesian NGO (Non-governmental Organisation) working to bring sustainable development to communities living in the upper-catchment areas of Indonesia’s river basins. By focussing on the hulu (upper) regions, we not only improve the welfare of the hulu communities, but in fact alleviate the problems that occur in the lower areas (hilir). These problems, which include flooding, drought, and sedimentation of rivers and canals, are in fact created in the upper regions through deforestation and other harmful land practices.




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