Bangladesh Social Development Services (BSDS)

BSDS is registered under the Social Services Department of the Government of Peoples` Republic of Bangladesh belonging a Registration No. Farid – 354 and Joint Stock Company registration no. S-3992(94)/2004 started its development initiative in 1997 in Faridpur district. BSDS introduced with prime goal to assists the rural and urban poor people to arrange themselves in groups for their socio-economic uplift in the locality. BSDS is taken a multi-sectored socio-economic development program, which is implementing motivation and group formation, agriculture and social forestry, micro enterprise development, women employment generation, poultry and livestock, non-formal education. People are very poor and don’t know how to improve their condition but they are very much interested for own development and co-operation. BSDS is doing to make them more conscious by implementing its primary development activities emphasizing as the foremost need and importance.


BSDS has the vision of a just society in which both men and women can work together to form Institutions to attain a higher degree of self-reliance in managing their own affairs and achieve a Sustainable higher standard of living.


BSDS endeavours to bring about socio-economic changes in the lives of the poor, illiterate, neglected, unskilled and malnourished people, especially women of the society through empowerment and improvement of their life style. As a development organization BSDS carries out its program in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh and NGOs with a view to reaching the envisaged goal. Its development activities encompass individuals as well as groups among the target population. The efficient and dedicated work force of BSDS is promise-bound to make BSDS a self-sustaining organization and at the same time help the target beneficiaries to achieve self-reliance through satisfactory completion of each program.

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